More Tanks, More Tanks, More Tanks

drieux H. (
Sun, 28 Jul 1996 10:55:45 -0400

It would appear that in light of the Recent
Bombing in Atlanta, that many in 'high office`
in the USA have decided to skip over the few
lessons that we have learned since the start
of the terrorist bombing campaing in Sai Gon
and Belfast.

More Tanks is NOT a SOLUTION!

I have been pleased with the attitude presented
by the Major Of Jerusalem in regards to the
basic problem of terrorism, namely that one can
NOT give in to it, but Equally Well, One can NOT
affort to simply BUNKER the Nation!

I was very Pleased with the Sen. From Tennasee
who seems to comprehend that a Part of the Fundamental
Problem of living in a Free Republic is that we have
certain constitutional gurantee's that can not be run
over with a Tank, simply because the civilian population
is in a Panic!

I can appreciate that the Political Section of the KGB Fans
Want Deserately to Jump into Bed with the SD/Gestapo Component
of the Same Segment on the Political Spectrum!!![1] But folks might
want to pause, breath deep the gathering GLOOM and note that this
simply plays into the hands of the "Freedom Fighters".

Hey, I know What? Why Don't We try a Strategy that has not
been called upon since the Sixties???? We send out the Green
Beret to provide free medical care and consulting services to
the under_developed segment of the population as a part of
re_integrating them back into the main stream of society. Thus
Closing Down these Hot Beds of RedKommunistRightWingFascism by
ending the political alienation process!!!! Why We could Call
It "Nation Building" - and maybe even get the Marines to throw
in some JarHeads to provide "Civic Action Platoons" that would
be willing to live in the Contested Areas and provide both fire power
and the ability to initiate Community Based Activism!!!!

All the FUN of the War In Vietnam, Without Having to
Bomb Any Other Countries!!!! And no Need to just send
out the Zippo Squads!!! Just think of the Billions we
would save in Ordanance Alone!!!!

Why We could Sell it as the National Strategic Safety Support System
And Omnibus AntiTerrorism Act of 1997!!!!!

This way Republicrat will be able to support it as a
Strategic Defense Initiative!

While Their Arch Rivals the DemoCans will be able to
support it as another SpentThriftWelfareProgram!!!

Granted, the alternative to this is that we advance the
WarOnAmerika, or it's AntiThesis, TheWarOnEveryOneElse!!!!


[1] the political spectrum is a circle jerk,
as far as I am concerned, and the fascists of
the left meet the fascists of the right at the
bottom of your Radio Dial when you spin the dial
far enough either way.

{ we are still allowed to use the antiquated analog
signal metaphors these days??? }