Re: women in the military/"Courage"

Sat, 27 Jul 1996 00:15:43 -0400

Guess I need to see "Courage Under Fire" which, except for comments on this
list, hadn't particularly grabbed my attention... I though Maggie's comments
were particularly interesting --how the "enemy" was neither Iraqis who were
invisible (now there's a surprise, eh?) nor George Bush (that would be "too
political" wouldn't it?), but gender war.... Her comments also capture that
feminist dilemma (short term, liberal feminism/NOW vs. ultimate transform the
culture & get rid of masculinist militarism). Reminds me of a Betty Friedan
quote from one of her later books, on precisely this point --women in the
military-- which strikes me as a kind of "small victory" --if that. Though one
can't deny the principle of equality nor the possible consciousness openings
that may occur.

Ted Morgan