Re: further thoughts on students/young/activism (fwd)

Elizabeth Gips (
Mon, 22 Jul 1996 09:03:19 -0400

> I think this is a terribly important point--HOW to reach the young.
> Any responses?
>Paula Friedman

How to reach the young, Paula? BE HONEST. Stop lying about the past,
about marijuana and other psychedelics, admit that you are a seeker, not
one with The Answers.
BE HONEST. Don't romanticize war or the military, past or
present. BE HONEST about the the colonial history of the United States, why
we were in Vietnam. BE HONEST about the copper mines of Cambodia. Be
Honest. Tell them that murder in all forms is and was wrong whether at
Thermopolyae or Vietnam or in the city streets.
I assume that's what you mean by "reaching" the young. If you
"reach" them with a message of you-gotta's, you gotta work, or be famous or
this or that or conform to the mores of a sick society, forget it.
But, of course, I don't really know what it is you want to reach
"the young" with.
love, Elizabeth

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