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Sender: (CSLA, Inc., Dr. Jeff A. Hale)
Subject: Re: Collection locations

RS just wrote:

>Can anyone identify the best locations of collections of, e.g. 60s books,
>pamphlets, underground papers, etc.? In other words, if someone
>wanted to find or donate 60s materials, where would they go? I'm
>familiar with the SDS archives at Wisconsin Historical Society and
>the Peace and Social Change? collection at Swarthmore, but wonder
>if there aren't others? Thanks. RS

One "out of the way" and largely unknown sixties papers repository is the
Bentley Historical Library on the North Campus of the University of Michigan
in Ann Arbor. They house the gigantic "John and Leni Sinclair Collection,"
which encompasses tens of thousands of primary documents on the evolution of
the counterculture and "youth movement" in Detroit/Ann Arbor during the
sixties and early seventies. They also have complete collections of
original underground neswpapers -- including several that have not been
microfilmed (e g. Bell and Howell), as well as a stunning collection of
original Gary Grimshaw posters from the Grande Ballroom era (Detroit's
Fillmore, run by "hip capitalist" Russ Gibb).

John and Leni donated all of their papers in the late seventies.

Jeff Hale

P.S. I would like to invite all Sixties-L participants to check out (and
please participate in) a new website dedicated to privacy issues --
including some history lessons on the privacy invasions of the sixties (e g.
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Go to the current (june) issue and check out the column "...lest we forget."
I would appreciate any feedback.


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Subject: Re: Collection locations

You can try my page...

A bibliography (still in progress) of sixties works.

Hope this helps..

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Sixties Bibliography:

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Subject: Re: Collection locations

Try Amherst College -- the Marshall Bloom collection of LNS stuff.
Tamiment Library at NYU. Alternative Press Center in Baltimore.
By the way, what do you have? I am looking for photos of Weatherman
Weather Underground actions for a book I'm finishing up which will be
published by Verso in the next year. If anyone can help me with
photos or stuff that can be photographed please email me.

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