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An earlier edition was published under the same title as below by Contact
Books, North Hollywood, Calif., 1969. Farber wrote the title essay for the
_Los Angeles Free Press_ where it was first published in the 3 March 1967
issue. Unfortunately, this issue does not appear in the Bell & Howell
Underground Press Collection microfilm edition. It was, however, reprinted
in a volume that is in many libraries: Jerry Hopkins (ed.), _The Hippie
Papers: Notes From the Underground Press_ (New York: Signet Books, 1968),
pp. 160-168. Also, Farber claimed that by 1969 his essay had been reprinted
approximately 500 times in various places & formats.

>For Carl S.: Jerry Farber wrote a book "The Student as Nigger," Essays
>and Stories, including an essay by that name. Published 1970 by Pocket
>Books. My copy comes from a friend who bought it in Madison in 1971.
> Do other people have copies of original "60's books," and if so
>what are some of the titles? RS
>Richard Sobel

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