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Elizabeth Gips (
Sun, 30 Jun 1996 20:23:43 -0400


What in the world is "trivial" about Bob Dyland, a great poet and social
commentator who chose to use music as his vehicle. He and Joan Baez and
the Beatles changed our consciousness. I can't help thinking that they
were much more effective than the endless tomes put out by endless
universities. They deserve to be honored. And if you don't believe that
Dyland was a great poet, read the words or listen to them several times, to
Desolation Row, for instance. Or any early Dylan. I just decided to
change my signature, so look below. Do you understand it??
>>Speaking of the trivialization of the 1960s, have people here noted (it
>>was on NPR's program Market Place) that the official entertainment for
>>the coming meeting of the G7 nations is Bob Dylan?
"Everybody's making love or else expecting rain." Bob Dylan
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>What's wrong with the G7 heads of state mixing social commentary, via
>Dylan, with their economic decisions affecting the rest of the world?
Jim Wood

Dear Jim,

Nothing "wrong," just ironic. "Get of the old road if you can't lend a
hand..." as he once wrote.

Do you think he'll sing "Masters of War?"

Ron Silliman