The Two Finger Salute

drieux H. (
Tue, 25 Jun 1996 09:01:09 -0400

] In the sixties I used to get flashed the Peace sign ( V as in victory
] not the drawn one ) when I was riding my motorcycle. I never thought
] about how it got adapted from the V - Victory sign of my fathers
] generation to the symbol of Hi/Peace in the sixties. Does anyone know
] how/when/whom started to use it that way?
] Mike Rappe

I would Like to Support Mark Bunster's clarification of
the traditional British Two Finger Salute, that for
reasons of Discretion, and the Delicate Nature of
American Sensitivities was SOLD to the American People
as the 'V for Victory' sign, since clearly the notion
of explaining to americans what Winnie was always doing
would mean explaining Buggery, and that of course would
COMPLETELY TRUAMATIZE so many innocent women and children.

It follows from this, that the COMPLETE FAILURE of the
war in vietnam must be laid SQUARELY upon the Media for
it's failure to take into account the Extreme Delicacy
of the Innocent American People, unlike their WWII
counterparts who would be more circumspect in their
reportage of the Great War We WON!

As one of the Early Lesbian Standup Comics would Note,
the term 'lesbian' is a Very DANGEROUS TERM, as everyone
would tell her, "don't tell your father you're a lesbian,
it would Kill Him." And yet the Liberal Media Bent Upon
the DESTRUCTION of the American Way would mention not ONLY
that there were Lesbians out there, but also Negroes with Guns,
and all sorts of DANGEROUS THINGS which clearly would SHOCK
and TRAUMATIZE Innocent Americans who would then cease to
Support Our Ever Glorious and Ever Victorious Armed Forces.

All We need to do, to test this Hypothesis, is imagine what
would have Happened to the USA if they were TOLD all of the
Indelicate things, like what that 'V for Victory' sign really
meant, or that their President was a Cripple, and hence a 4-F
who would be inelligible to Stand to Military Service. Why the
Former would have Killed Off Half of America, and the later
would have lead so many others to Doubt the complete soundness
of our Military Agenda, and WWII would have been LOST.

Thus We Learn from the Sixties that what we NEED NOW,
is the National Information Protection Act, which will
Protect Americans from DANGEROUS INFORMATION! Otherwise
we run the Risk of Losing the Next War!!!!


"Just Say NO! to Reality"
as good then, as now