FSM and bkly resources

Stu Shiffman and Andi Shechter (roscoe@halcyon.com)
Mon, 24 Jun 1996 11:57:24 -0400

>First, free speech fights.
>I was at UC Berkeley in fall, 1964. I took part in the The Free Speech
>Movement (F.S.M.) which I referred to in my earlier post.

>By the way, anyone interested in the Bay Area civil rights movement should,
>I think, interview people as well as read books about it. People are still
I just read David Goines extremely detailed and excellent book on the FSM
and recommend it to anyone. He kept everything (you know, all the stuff you
wish you had saved?) songsheets, flyers. Using tapes, interviews and his
own experiences, Goines details what happened day by day, hour by hour. I
know from my own experience in events that big that you almost always start
forgetting too soon, and can't remember who said what. Do read this - he
has strong opinions and cops to them freely. I think it's a great
contribution to understanding the history of that time.
Mario Savio is still around as are a lot of other people.
Savio is one of my heroes, and he appeared on the UCB campus during the
mid-80s anti-apartheid, divestment battles we were having (I was working
there at the time - oy, was I busy.) He was still a spell-binding speaker
who spoke his heart. It was, I felt, a great feeling that he'd come back
for this movement - the first time I htink he'd come back since the FSM

>Also, Max Scheer who started the Berkeley Barb was a man of the left and
>similarly started the Barb to get out political opposition viewpoints.
>Martin, you can read LA Free Press at the UCLA Library and you can read
>Berkeley Barbs in the UC Berkeley library. I suggest you do so.
Also, the main library at Berkeely Public Library has what seems to me to
have a very good underground press collection. The Barb, the Tribe, many
local papers are bound too (which is great for those of us who find
microfilm readers really hard to deal with). I spent several hours in the
archives a few months ago. The clipping files are good as well.


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