Re: Genesis, Part 2

Elizabeth Gips (
Fri, 21 Jun 1996 23:26:54 -0400

It's taken me a while to respond to the excellent letter that
Martindd wrote, and this will be a short response at that.
Disaffection for established societies is hardly anything new. You
are, to my mind, right in evaluating the 60's movement as broader and more
vehement than many. The "drug" experience made it imperative to question
some of the most fundamental assumptions of American society. This country
was founded with guns, sexual uptightness that manifested historically in
many directions, and the usual propensity of humans for the wealthy to be
territorial, greedy and very protective of the status quo.
The hippy mentality (remember, hip is a jazz word meaning "to
know") felt guns and violence were morally wrong, sexuality needed to be
freed from American constraints if the country was to gain some balance and
that a new distribution of the world's resources was an absolute necessity.
Do those of you who are teaching today see any of this as incorrect?
It was an attempt at a new kind of revolution - one achieved by
stepping out of society's assumed rules rather than using violence, an
evolutionary revolution.
It's an oversimplifications since there are many economic factors
also involved, but today's War on Drugs is a reaction of The Establishment
to the fact that experiencing these Drugs may also free the psyche from an
assumed obedience to an immoral and anachronistic system.

regards, Elizabeth Gips

"Turn your consciousness towards the Light. That is the real work of human
beings. Everything else is frosting on the cake." (Elizabeth)
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