Oral History Interviews of VN Dodgers Seek Home (fwd)

Thu, 20 Jun 1996 17:47:53 -0400

From: Hans_Ebner@NOTES.YMP.GOV
Subject: Oral History Interviews of VN Dodgers Seek Home

I am forwarding this from another list. Please respond only to the
the snail mail or phone number listed and not to me or the list.

Barbara Bartley, Has over 200 hours of tapes of interviews with about
70 Vietnam war era draft dodgers and their wives. The interviews were
done in Canada sometime during the war. She says she had a book contract
that was canceled back in the Seventies and is now looking for someone to
make use of the material for a book (she is also talking with National
Public Radio), but she is also looking for a permanent home for the
material where researchers could use it and where the tapes can be
preserved or duplicated. She has past library experience and I think she
knows what archives are about. Besides the reel-to-reel tapes, she has
the player, some transcripts and 4 book chapters and outline. If you
know of an appropriate repository or are interested yourself please contact
her directly at: Barbara Bartley
Apt. #7
The Ledges
River Road
Norwich, VT 05055