Pop Quiz Time

drieux H. (drieux@wetware.com)
Wed, 19 Jun 1996 08:25:51 -0400

In light of the ongoing debate about what
was good and bad about the sixties I propose
the following Technical Test as a Lithmus of
Correct Interpretations.

Technical Test Time:

"Can't buy me love..."
by the beatles


1. a Typical Illustration of the KapitalistExploitation of
the working class in that it cares NOTHING about the media
or the massage, as long as it makes MONEY

2. Red Kommunist Propoganda as it fails to take into account
that the Market Place is the SOLE ARBITOR of value.

3. An Aging Rock Song as a plaintive plea of Adolescent
confused sexuality from an Era Of Confused Moral Values Brought
about by a process of Rapid Technological Changes, similar in
the socio-cultural context to the Emotional Destabilization of
adolescents brought about by massive hormonal changes, thus representing
the self referentialism implicit in any arithmetic system incapable
of providing completeness and closure due to the nature of the
structure itself, which is the core problem of seeking to understand
the nature of the cosmos completely within the context of a Rationalist
system of logical analysis predicated up simplistic arithmetic
calculations such as were seen with the efforts to formalize both
mathematics and from that develop an ethical calculus, but which
brought us computer systems as a viable alternative method to meet
Cute Chics.

4. a pop song from the sixties.