Questions nowbody talks about

boas (
Tue, 18 Jun 1996 16:39:09 -0400

Since a couple of weeks I am connected to this site because of my
interesses to sixties subjects.
A little about myself and my goal.
I am an director/producer for educational television in The Netherlands
I'am making documentaries on a wide scale of subjects, usualy: art, culture
and social history, or combinations of these subjects.

At the moment I'am busy to do research on a difficult subject: People whome
drafted(deserted) the army during the Vietnam-war: AWOL (absent without
official leave).
In Europe a small group of people brought soldiers to France and Sweden.
Soldiers whome where staying in Germany before they were send to Vietnam,
or: while they where recovering from there injuries or trained for a second
or third period of fighting in Nam.
At least 500 GI-soldiers deserted to Sweden.
The documentary I am planning will be about the contradiction between the
helpers and the deserters. About what kind of questions and doubts they had
and how they servived in al those years. What was at that time there future
and how did things go on in real life...

Can anyone get me some information, names, addresses etc. where I can find
people whome deserted. Especially ex-GI deserters whome are still living in

Hope that anuone can respond to this message.

Kees Boas.