Re: stop blaming sixties
Tue, 18 Jun 1996 16:35:02 -0400

It's an interesting note that Rachel Barrett Martin should take my (fairly
extensive) comments on (my and other) women's psychological/emotive
liberation in the '60s as referring to "free love", "sexual freedom", etc.
I have noticed this misunderstanding on the part of a number of persons in
their twenties, and it comes, I think, from the immersion they have received
in exactly those images of SEX AND DRUGS as "'60s" icons that we've been
discussing. But also from not really knowing how extensive and powerful the
psych warfare upon women was, in those decades, I think. ( I hope it
doesn't come from some idea that we older folks are/were less capable of
seeing that something "is more complex"....)
In fact, I and most the women I know who were "in the Movement" came to see
the "sexual freedom" of those times as pretty damn male-oriented, not to
mention negative in many of its effects-though not so entirely negative.
Paula Friedman