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H-Pol Editor Rob Forbes (
Mon, 17 Jun 1996 12:53:29 -0400

Many thanks to drieux for this tactful clarification re my Tom Wolfe comment:

>I think that any satarist faces the twin demons
>of whether he truly understands that which he is
>poking fun at, as well as whether or not his audianece
>will actually understand that which is being Poked.

>Some may recall that after the 'revelation' of the
>Pentagon Papers no small amount of fun was had about
>how the Air Force should have been bombing the North
>Vietnamese Textile Industry, as this appeared to be
>the primary logistical component that had been identified
>as having come south.
>So the notion of any writer, such as Tom Wolfe, providing
>a 'relevant criterion' for Target Selection, seems, alas
>as reasonable as any that was done by the DOD/WhiteHouse
>crowd during the time. And thus I hope everyone understands
>that in the Wolfe illustration, the target of the Poking
>is as much the Target Selection Committee, as what is actually
>being overtly said.

Complete non sequitur re Pentagon Papers: Can anybody name the make and
style of camera with which Daniel Ellsberg photographed them? Many trivia
bonus points: what was the camera store in Cambridge where Ellsberg bought
the camera?

Rob Forbes