Morality Break Down

drieux H. (
Wed, 12 Jun 1996 17:02:44 -0400

] Many of the problems we face today were not caused by Nixon,
] the CIA, Watergate but because of morality breakdown that was taking place
] 30 years ago in the society as a whole. The volume of sex and violence that
] we see in TV and movies today is not put there by my fathers generation but by
] mine, the "Woodstock Generation", people who said "If it feels good. Do it!"
] Mike

I was almost willing to let this one float by, until the
above, perchance Unintended, Comedy about the CIA, Watergate and Nixon
being in some way 'independent' of the 'moral crisis' that was the
EVIL BYPRODUCT of the Bad Sixties. I use the Positive Hope here that
Mike is Just Kidding Us, since I find it rather offensive to those of
us from the Intelligence Community to be asked to lay down and take it
one more Time for the ReligiousRight and their Wankers. Been There, Done
that, Have the T-Shirt. My following inflamatory remarks at not directed
at Mike, but at the Generalized Assertion, very Popular Amongst the NewNeoCon
crowd, that Nixon was 'out of the loop' in the whole Process of Moral
Corruption that has leaked into this very day. My Ex Father in law, may
well have been the living Manifestation of 'andy from Mayberry RFD' as the
last town marshall and first chief of police from a Small Town in Indiana,
but his Complaints about the Rise of MachoCops clearly NEEDS to be heeded.
We who WERE Professional WarMongerBabyKillers[vn[tm]] have a Long Row to
hoe getting our Father's Message Out to the Streets about how the 'gun
came with the job' - and Was a TOOL not the very Manifestation of our
Machismo. It does Not HELP our efforts when Folks Flounce Revisionists
Histories in efforts to Defend their Idol against the LEGITIMATE Criticism
of his BETRAYAL of those of us who were Professionals, and the Continuing
Process of that BETRAYAL to this very day predicated upon the ABANDONMENT
of the Traditional Honor Code in Favor of the Expediencies of Tyranny.

I'm Willing to accept, without argument, that the RedKommunistGunGrabbing
LIBERAL antiGun policy, started in 1934 to disarm the RedFellowTravelors
but which got out of Hand with the CRISIS of the Black Panthers, did
Directly Lead to the Rise in Crime that Plagues us to this Very Day.
{ Oh My GOD!!! They're letting Negroes have Guns!!! }

Clearly any society not willing to teach it's young the basics
of "Shoot/NoShoot" and the fundamental philosophical issues that
are associated with 'the use of terminal force doctrines' and
GLEEFULLY hands all of this over to the CentralDirectorateOfStateSecurity
should perchance enjoy creating a Society Built Upon Police State Tactics.

{ The ButtUgly part of the drill remains that if ALL one got out of the
whole G.Gordon.Liddy recitation of Nietzche's "that which will not kill
me makes me strong" was the MachoStudMuffin portion of the Drill, then it
is clearly time to return to Parris Island and Learn the Difference between
Which is Your Rifle and Which is Your Gun. [cf. "full metal jacket" which
provides a reasonable cinematic view of Fun In Boot Camp. ] }

But what is ABSOLUTELY FRIGHTENING is the thought that in
some way we can Gleefully Excuse Nixon's actions as in some
way being independent of this whole process, and not DIRECTLY
the root Manifestation of the Complete and Utter Breakdown
in Morality in the alledged 'conservative' movement.

I can appreciate that it may be hard for some people to comprehend
HOW HAPPY i was when the Army stayed on it's side of the Potomac
during the whole Watergate Crisis. In such was an affirmation of
CORE FUNDAMENTAL VALUES about the seperation of the Military from
the civilian governmental process - something that STILL needs to
be continually addressed time and again, as CongreePersons continue
to use the Pork Barrel Politics of the Defense Contracts as their
Combination Vote Getting Patronage. But far worse when they manuever
around the world proping up this that and the next little Dictatorship
for less than Excellent Reasons. { ok, so I am still having problems
with the Idea of Ron Dellums , et al, trying to rescue the Military
bases in the Bay Area, But You Never KNOW when we might get attacked
by those LUNATICS in Oregon... }

That the Nixon Regime was able to get away with using the CIA facilities
for domestic political operations has come back AGAIN with a vengence as
the New Lords of ALL seek to merge FBI/CIA operations to protect us all
from the Bad things that could happen on the Internet. Yes, Boys and Girls
I find this Notion to be MERE ANATHEMA and a HIDDESOUS revisionist approach
to the seperations of Domestic and International Intelligence Operations,
made even Less Pleasant in this current crisis over who gets what clearance
to visit the White House, and what level of Domestic Snooping Should be
Defended Upon the Imperial Perrogatives of the LordHighProtector.

But to Assert that the Abandonment of the "Hayes Commission's" rating
system and Censorship of Movies and TV Shows provides us with the Great
Corrupting Influence is Patently Absurd in a world where the 'news'
media was willing to run in camera's and show us the Body Count Game
in Vietnam with film delivered in time to update the Family Dinner Hour.

Yes, it is Just ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING that as the trailing edge of the
BabyBoomers got the Reigns of Power they would create HORRORFRYING
images like 'the revenge of the nerds' and such other Hiddeous and
Heinous images of Adolescence Gone Bad. But clearly which is more
dangerous, that children should grow up viewing 'Armed Rebellion'
based upon the Model of the "Star Wars" episodes, or based on something
like 'the missing' with Jack Lemmon and Sissy Spacek, revealing their
long standing RedKommunistKommitments.

Should it really have SURPRISED anyone that while the Reagan/Bush Crowd
was Cranking Up The Volume on the notion of a 'winable nuclear war
strategy' that we would also see a Rise in the 'post apocalyptic visions'
genre of films. Dr. Stangelove could get away with being a COMEDY,
because at that point there was no actual 'planet killing' capabilities.
But clearly by the time we had been through "Love Canal" and Three Mile
Island, and then Cheyrnobl, the prospects of things going Tragically
WRONG from very unintended causes was no longer a joking Matter.

Yes, I am More than Willing to Support a Generalized Critique of the
BabyBoomers who Bugged out of all of that "Free Love and Smoke Dope"
set and Brought us the whole YuppieFenom of RapeTheEconomyNowBeforeWeGoUnder
providing the Internal Domestic Level of Crisis which would find a rise
in the Popular Media's Presentation of the whole S&M B&D crowd as being
a restoration of the Traditional HellFireClubMentality, but is THIS something
that should be BLAMED on the Hippies and their Original Positioning? Or
on the Co-optation of the BabyBoomers to the Old Guard Robber Baron Mentality
that found it's Most Pleasant Manifestation in the Excesses of Power
which became the hallmark of the Nixon Administration?

Clearly we MUST stop Mapelthorpe's Images of Bondage And Discipline
as Eroticism! And while we are at it, it's time to take that RivetGun
away from Rosie, and get her biscuts in the Oven and her Buns in Bed.

Oh Lordie, Don't Let the Little Children be Contaminated By UnNatural
things like Fornication, and feeling good About Themselves, We MUST
have the StateKomisariateOfSekurity Protect EVERYONE EVERYWHERE or they
MIGHT be infected by 'WrongThought'!!!!

Oh dear, is 'protecting the children'

a RightWingExtremeist Position

or the EvilByProduct of the



1. creating another National Level Security organization

2. advocating RedKommunistDominated Grass Roots Organizations,
{ or was that RightWingFascist Grass Roots Organizations }

3. Return Mandatory Prayer to the State Sponsored Religion for
all children in all schools, so that they will be ONE with the
Holy Divinity that Supports the Great Leader in these Most difficult
of all Times.

Oh dear, Where is Spiro And the Clear Distinctions of Who Were On God's
Side in these Matters and why the SupremeExecutive has the Holy and
Ordained Right to Do What Every is Neccesary, because we are Surrounded
on all Sides by Kommunist and Red Fellow Travellors....

In short, the sixties STARTED with Kennedy's LIES about the "Missile Gap"
and would End with Nixon's "nonOperableTruths" about Domestic Security
Operations. We still have 'the war on drugs' as the last remaining of
the Great Patriotic Low Intensity Warfare Operations, with the concommittant
efforts to Provide Price Supports to Underpaid Coke Dealers, made REALLY
bad, by their creation of 'crack' as the NoseCandy For Poor People.

We would start the Game out with the Special Forces being trained to
provide deep penetration operations into the Soviet Bloc Nations to provide
NATO with breathing Room for the Central Front before American Forces
could arrive in Europe En Masse, and would watch them degenerate through
the Diem Fiasco and a Rolling Collection of Other Failures as we blundered
through the various stages of 'nation building' to simply training the
SWAT teams of the World to irradicate indigenous dissent that would
threaten american corporate profits.

The "Intelligence Community" would decay from an Information Acquisition
And Analysis Organization, to just a Pleasant Euphenism for 'dirty tricks
done very expensively.'

Sorry, I just can NOT buy letting Nixon, Et Al, off the Hook for what
they did to the American People, and the Intelligence Community in Particular,
by so BLATANTLY betraying that which we had sworn our HONOR to protect.

Once being a Conservative meant Being AGAINST Big Government, now it
means that one must jump through a Great Series of Hoops about this
that and the Next Piece of Radical Social Agenda Items all of which
will require More Troops to Defend. Ooops, I'm sorry we do not call
the InternalSecurityForces 'troops' in this country, we call them by
a wide collection of Pleasanter Euphenisms. The Tracked Armour Vehicles
and Assault Helicopters, and the Strike Forces just make them look like
some sort of Paramilitary Operation when they engage in classic Raiding Ops.

Maybe now that the 'cold war' is over, we can look at 'demilitarizing'
america, and going back to the simpler days. When Kids were allowed to
have some hope that the Future would be out in Front of them, and not
cut short by Technology and Political MadManTheories. That they might be
allowed to grow up and become human beings, and not Mere Human Resources
for the Industrializing Nations.

Who Knows, maybe even try to win the Hearts and Minds of the Indigenous
population to a political process not based upon JackBootedRedTerrorTactics
of the Central Government prying into the Private Lives of it's Citizens
in their Holy Krusade Against the EvilTheyThem.

Granted, some folks MIGHT frivilously waste their Time Fornicating.....