Wed, 12 Jun 1996 09:14:30 -0400

After watching the PBS documentary about Tiananmen Square in 1989, I was also
reminded of protests in the US in the 60's.

I am curious to know why this protest in China resulted in so many more
deaths than several similar protests in the US. (Similar as when people take
over a public area, and show no signs of leaving.) There are some obvious
answers, but I am sort of amazed when I think back on it that the number of
deaths at the hands of "authority" were as small as they were in the US. Am
I wrong?

There were similarly several US protests at which people saw a violent
resolution as the only way to achieve their goals - like the woman who seemed
to have proclaimed herself the leader at Tianamen Sq. In China they seemed
to have achieved the violence, but did they achieve their goals? The
government crackdown after the incident was so scary. I guess in a way we've
been lucky or maybe fortunate is a better word for it.

- Lani