Parallels to transcendental generation

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Sender: Chuck Coate <>
Subject: Parallels to transcendental generation

Does anyone else see ironies in baby boomers calling for curfews, school
uniforms, and strict drug laws for today's youth? In Oregon, many sixties
survivors support aggressive enforcement of laws which fine and suspend
driving licenses of minors caught with a beer even at an orderly private party.

Are there parallels to the "Transcendental Generation?" Strauss and Howe's
_Generations_ describes its members (born 1792-1821) as drug users and heavy
drinkers in youth but prohibitionists in middle age, rebels against the
moral authority of their parents but insistent on their own throughout their
lives, celebrators of youth when young but wisdom and maturity when old.

I see many of my peers trying to impose more restrictions and discipline on
youth than we ever would have accepted. Some deny it. Others defend it on
the grounds they know what's best. Is ours a generation used to getting
its way and we expect our kids to accommodate us?
Chuck Coate