Art Imitating life

drieux H. (
Fri, 31 May 1996 19:59:46 -0400

currently MCI is doing it's 10 cents a minute
to all 50 states in the Union, and this comes
as a surprise to the person on the other end
of the BugerJointSqwakBox, that there are 50
states in the Union, but not that MCI's adverts
have been littering the cultural wasteland.

Granted, most of these children came of age
under the Great Reagan/Bush Revolution which,
as has been noted by the Leaders of the New
Contract With America Revolution, all the
current problems in the USA were totally
unaffected by the Reagan/Bush Revolution and
can be traced back to the ViciousIkkyYukkyNess
of the EvilSixties.

It becomes apparent then, that for reasons of
National Security, that we should begin major
funding of the analysis of EvilSixties and the
root cause of the Continuing Collapse of American
Educational System, and it's direct threat to
our ability to field competent personnel to
man the Great War Machines which will keep us
safe from the Red Peril.

Clearly we can no longer afford to leave the
Study of the Sixties in the Hands of the merely
liberal arts majors, and should begin the National
Security Analysis of the EvilSixties For the
Defense of the Freeworld and fund it through
the CIA and DOD to find the root causes of all
the Evil Still Extant in the American Country
Side so as to be able to Identify and Root Out

Your Support in Stopping the Sixties before
they Stop Us will be Greatly Appreciated.


ps: let's be honest happy kampfr's, when it's getting
to the point that the JackBootedFascistThugsOfBATF are
trying to deprive our Most Favored Nation Trading Partner
the People's Republic of China of the rightful profits that
the Young Princes could earn from selling arms to the
defenseless people's living behind the Redwood Curtain because
RightWingMilitarists like Ron Dellums are unable to keep the
american military in california, well... things are a little
scrambled in the GeoPoliticalAnalysisOfTheAlignmentOfForces.

Either that or Timothy Leary has spiked the Global Punch Bowl.