GI Protest Materials (multiple posts)
Wed, 29 May 1996 08:32:46 -0400

Subject: GI protest materials

This note is in response to Michael Bibby's query regarding Vietnam GI
protest materials. Your best bet, I suspect, is going to the the State
Historical Society of Wisconsin. That facility's holdings on US social
movements (including GI protest) is fantastic, and they hold the papers of
the national VVAW. The facility I manage, the archives of the Wisconsin
Veteramns Museum in Madison, also has some good materials, and if you happen
to be in Madison anyway you might find items of use here as well.

If you have not seem Richard Moser's new book THE NEW WINTER SOLDIERS you
should have a look. Moser, who is at Middle Tennessee State, will also be

Mark D. Van Ells, Archivist/Historian
Wisconsin Veterans Museum


Sender: (John Baky)
Subject: Re: GI Press


I just thought of Jerry Giglio (sp?) who runs the Broken Rifle Press in
Trenton, NJ.

If anybody can find public domain stuff, I bet he can. I simply can't
locate an address. Steve Gomes or Kali has it, though. Practically
everything he works with is GI resistence publishing.

Nevermind your mailing address, I found it.
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Sender: Grover Furr <>
Subject: RE: GI Press

My old grad school buddy Mack Smith, now an English prof. at U. Mich.,
founded such a paper. Maybe he has some copies! Try him at

But do it soon -- I keep getting messages from U. Mich. that they
are going to close this machine within the week, and I don't know what
Mack's new address will be!

Grover C. Furr

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>I'm wondering if anyone on the list has or knows where I can access hard
>copy of any issues from the Vietnam-era underground GI press. I'm
>publishing an article with the Penn. State System of Higher Ed. journal
>*Scholars* on the GI movement and its literature, and they'd like to
>reproduce photos of covers from some issues to illustrate the piece.
>Photocopies of microfilm (which I have) won't work--they'd need photo of
>the real thing.

Subject: Re: GI Press

Check out the Tamiment Library at NYU.