Sun, 26 May 1996 16:31:58 -0400

Maggie confuses several things: drugs as sacerdotal ritual
and drugs as a life-style. I am much more aware of the latter
having just visited San Quentin and Soledad state prisons where
the vast majority are in there from drug abuse. But, the 60's
encouraged the indiscriminate use of drugs that led directly
to the sort of problems you have today, it was part of the
counter culture community and it should be held responsible.
I am for legalizing drugs, educating people etc. only
because the problem has gotten out of hand. But, the traditional
societies settled these questions long ago. The native americans
did not indiscrimately pass out peyote to their youngsters and
say, 'get high'. In these old cultures the medicine man, the
shaman, the oracle were permitted to take the drugs to enhance
their insights that would help the tribe. The whole purpose
of getting wisdom, insight etc. is to 'help the tribe'. So, I
ask those who make claims for drugs, 'how in the world are
you helping my tribe?'
Just a note in passing- I saw a program on women who had
been part of Manson family- now middle-age and regretful. Manson
gave his small band of followers enormous amounts of drugs including
lsd and, in effect, took control of them. Manson himself rarely
took them. And we know the CIA used lsd experiments on unsuspecting
types to see what effect they had. I'm afraid these sort of
things will be the final legacy of the 'drug culture'.
Good luck,