Re: My Lai documentary
Fri, 17 May 1996 17:53:41 -0400

Ginger Payne writes:

> A patron of our library read a book we have called "Four Hours in My
> Lai" by Michael Bilton and Kevin Smith. Notes in the bibliographic
> record indicate that the book was an "outgrowth of a documentary film
> made for Yorkshire Television's First Tuesday program in Britain and
> Station WGBH in Boston". The film was made in 1968. The patron would
> like a video of that documentary. We have been unable to find record of
> a video by the same title. Does anybody on the list know (a) whether the
> video exists (b) what the title is?

The doc. is called variously "Four Hours in My Lai" and "Remember My Lai". I
have a copy and Kevin Sim's verbal permission to make copies. B/c me about
copying and handling charges.

Randy Fertel
Tulane Univeristy
Executive Director
Crossing the Line: My Lai and the American Conscience