Thu, 16 May 1996 14:51:40 -0400

Appreciate the attempt by drieux to get to the techno/scientific
seed source of things- takes me back to Robert Anton Wilson and the
Illuminati. Wilson suggested some weird wiring stuff and was
probably abducted by dancing green demons along the pacific rim
somewhere. Leary and others were trying to map things out along
these lines: that is, the complexity of techno/scientific world
as reflection of nuerological/dna strands in every living being.
Therefore, consciousness of said cellular level allow us to transcend
and comprehend and, in the wonderful words of Toynbee, 'etherialize'
the material facts of the matter.
My curiosity about the academic world comes from the fact
that I haven't been in said environment for 20 years. I'm
sheparding a daughter through said environment (a famous 60's
campus). Hate to say this but the Xers are going to bury the
60's. They've absorbed it all in the first 20 years of their
personhood and are going to kill it once they realize IT must
pass through them to survive.
Well- didn't 60's generation ruin the joy of the WWII fathers
who thought their sons were going to praise them for flying B-26
bombers at Guadacanal and landing at Utah beach in '44? 'Sorry
dad, got my own world to live.'
Funny that drieux raised name of Kant. Here's Kant's 3
fundemental principles of free govt. And this goes directly to
what the 60's was about.
1- principle of freedom of all members of a society
(ALL MEMBERS who identify themselves as persons and as
free must fight when judged as something other than
persons and free.)
2- principle of the dependence of all upon a single common
(can't bomb the Capitol out of either anger or boredom)
(can't gun down school administrators 'cause they aren't
'black enough'.
(must develop solid principles of value to determine
the shape of legislators and their legislation)
3- principle of the equality of all its citizens
(not the same but manifesting fully- a requirement
for a free person in free society. All free people
help other free people to reach their point of
manifestation- delivery of potential is dependent
on the individual his/her self.)
The dicotomy drieux ends his post with is solved by a free
secular society by allowing persons to choose any side of the
dicotomy they want- as long as it leads to good and productive
nature. Good law, good will prevents them from killing each
other tho it happens from time to time. Open ended types take
both sides of the dicotomy and say, 'Do I contradict myself?
Very well, I contradict myself!')
Let the 'moral absolutists' rule the underground/shadow
world that manipulates the self from one end to the other and
let the 'moral relativists' rule the daylight world of limited
fallible human beings. Just remember William James' basic foundation
for liberal, democratic society: 1- respect your opponent
2- don't break the law
Good luck,