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drieux H. (
Thu, 16 May 1996 14:48:54 -0400

] Combined with the search to escape the Ego (as well as superego,
] obviously)--which after all was our internal version of the System that made
] war--and thus to escape from "judging"--this led nicely to the belief that a
] healthy, mature, free (non-egobound) person could make love joyously with
] anyone. And if, a loving person, would, necessarily.
] And isn't there something in this--or in our idealism, generally--we still
] believe? and/or that WAS/IS true?
] Paula Friedman

"If you can't be, with the one you love,
love the one you're with..."

In 1975, while living at dilaram in the nederland,
I would remark to some that the end of the sixties
arrived with the need to provide day care services.

A few years later both the Evangelicals and the
RadFem were trying to deal with the complications
of Overt Heteroseuxality. The former group trying
to deal with the fact that not all acts of overt
heterosexuality were merely for procreation, and
some of them were fun. The later group with the
problems of how to have meaningful families with
MalePersons as an active part of the process.

It is one thing to speak about the theoretical
construct of getting beyond EgoBoundedNess, and
the potential of dealing with Children. As a parent
it is no longer a Theoretical Discussion.

Chaplain Prewett would note to us, that once he
had six principles on raising children. He now
has six children, and no principles. Some of us
now understand TOO INTENSELY what he really meant.

One can clearly argue that it was the COMPLETE FAILURE
of the 'parenting theory' of the Fifties that left us
with the 'youth rebellion' of the Sixties. And it is
ever so CHIC amongst the TrenoidsOfTheNewNeoCons to
continue to Blame the Sixties for all the parental
complications ever since.

{ but I guess they are just trying to point out the
complete failure of the 12 years of the Reagan/Bush
Revolution to influence american culture. }

What has fueled the Abortion debate all of these years has
been a lack of a sound model of whether zygots are 'persons'
and a 'part of the process' or merely an unexpected complication
to which a modern medical procedure can 'cure the patient'.

As I have noted, from 'Student as Nigger'

"If Sex Education were taught like
poetry, society would die out in one generation."

So if we are to provide a critique of the 'failure' of
the 'sexual revolution' from the sixties, then it is upon
it's compartmentalization of 'sexuality' and 'sexual activity'
as a mere solipism, and not as a full on part of the process
of being human, where we must GORE this failed effort.

Clearly, Getting Sex out of the Movies, and into the Back Seat
of a Nash Rambler, was NOT enough. Putting it back into the
Movies, has done little to redress the imbalance.

Perhaps when we can get past the mere compartmentalization
offered us by 'child development psychology' modeling, and
start dealing with persons from start to finish as developing
works of art, maybe then we will be able to plant the blossoms of
various phases from puppy love, to Antiquated Romance,
as part and parcel of the Deal.

If this was the IDEAL that was the intention at the start of
the sexual revolution, we clearly should NOT have left it in
the hands of a bunch of horny students to implement, as clearly
they were not thinking straight at the time.


ps: from the History as Lesson catagory, when bill and chris
had their first child, we learned that Males become Irrational
and Unstable, and require much 'male bonding' to support them
in that most uncertain of times. NonMalePersons who are committed
to the gestation process appear to develop various nesting habits
and the NonMalePersons tend to circle the wagons in some form of
maternalistic practice. Hopefully with an NIS grant we can study
this phenomenon and find out if there are some genetic factors
that influence this behavior, or if it is merely the Akulturaltion
of the Repressive International Kapitalist Exploitation.

And Yes Folks, we CAN find a Cure for Heterosexuality in OUR Life Time,
we have the Technology, we just need the CASH!