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Elizabeth Gips (
Tue, 14 May 1996 11:43:21 -0400

>Elizabeth, I'm not being facetious, truly I'm not. As I said in a post a
>few minutes ago, I'm just tuning in here, so forgive me if I've missed too
>much to even be coherent at this point. But my question is, who are "most
>of us"? I didn't take LSD, but I knew many people who did, not one of whom
>went on to spiritual heights. Quite the opposite, in fact.
Hi, Sandra- There was, of course, an entire bell curve of consciousness.
But the H/A of the time was, in fact, a mecca for spiritual teachers of
every persuasion because the mystical experience had opened up so many
people to knowledge of expanded realities and a recognition of the
fundamental unity of that source and field which in which we, as well as
the entire universe, moves and has its being.
There were gurus and tulkus and rabbis and swamis and yoga teachers
and meditation teachers. There were Sufis and Christians and just plain
hippies (hip=to be aware in jazz from whence it came). There was constant
talk of love, on and off the street itself, what it meant, how can we
achieve it either individually or as a race.
I'm not sure what you need in the way of documentation - but,
goodness, look through the edition that Martin Press did of Allen Cohen's
San Francisco Oracle. For that matter, look at my homepage.
This was not a dream (at least not any more than all life is); It
was my experience. Morrison said, "Break on through to the other side."
What did you think he was talking abouit? The Dead said, "If I knew the
way, I would take you Home." What did you think Home was - or is?
I respect your experience as different, and I am very aware of the
poverty and illness that was a part of the Haight. Also of the horror as
the Mafia and CIA moved big dealers in. But we weren't discussing that.
If the history of the sixties as taught in universities does not
include information on the spiritual evolution of this small segment of
time/space, it is revisionist.

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