The Beats Beat the Hippies to GenX?

drieux H. (
Fri, 10 May 1996 17:46:26 -0400

] While cyberspace is in general in a temporarily oversold mode, I think
] that forums like this one have great value in terms of general interest as
] well as pedagogically.

For those of us accustom to reading the 'morning traffic',
from our Traditional Family Values Based, "Who are the Key
Targets of the Day, and can we rest happy knowing that <X>
has nuclear release authority?" backgrounds, getting up and
being able to trip through the incoming DARPA based network
traffic is a nice form of Methadone in the PotentiallyPostColdWarEra.

] Some comments on Elizabth Gips in her sustained argument in favor of
] Haight-Ashbury culture in the latest "Stuck in the 60s without drugs": I
] do not doubt the force of her vision, but find myself wondering how she
] draws the conclusions she does from the events she describes, when I would
] draw quite different ones. Elizabeth appears as a believer in the ongoing
] positive effects of what started in the Haight on cultural life ("To
] misunderstand the importance of sex, "drugs" and rock and role is to
] totally misunderstand that thrust of the 60's that changed history. And
] is still changing it.")

What Elizaeth was kryptikally saying, is that it was well known
that the CIA was doing initial field testing of this Subversive
Methodology ON AMERICANS before releasing this as the Primary
Cultural Warfare Element against the RedKommieRatBastards. As such
the whole 'sixties' thing is merely a Cover Story Provided by the
SuperSekretPowersThatBeBehindTheThrone so that no_one reveals that
the EvilInternationalKapitalistKonspirakii was engaged in Biological
Warfare against the GreatBastionOfAntiImperialism.

Just read the back issues of Komsomolskaya, and you will see where
all of Elizabeth's Main Points were REVEALED as KNOWN efforts by
the CIA to destroy mother Russia!!!

] Yet examine the three pillars she holds up. The sexual "revolution"
] described, by her own admission, failed. Polymorphous perversity does not
] hold. In my own "puritanical" view, period, end of story. It don't work
] and it don't make sense celebrating it as a cultural answer. I'm open to
] an understanding of "how" or "why" it was "fun" and "liberating" given the
] constraints of the fifties, but I think her story demonstrates that
] radical anti-monogomy is no way to run a culture.

I can appreciate that as a Part of the PostChristianEra
it has become as popular in the ModernSeXularHumanists
Kults to forget that the Bible was as clear on Polygany
as it had been on Slavery, a point that was skipped over
in the Previous Century's 'Sixties Kultural Revolution'
that would actually get the Federal Government 'up in arms'
to destroy traditional family values.

Call it 'puritanical', call it lack of Mangement Skills,
but to pretend that Polymorphous is beyond the standards
of Biblical Principles is to forget the Great Awakening of
True Religious Belief that came about during the sixties
when the Apostasy of the Fifties was abandoned for the
revival of True Faith.

{ Personally I support Serial Monogamy for lack of management skills.
I have a hard enough time dealing with Non-ANSI standard event sequences
as it is, and the notion of dealing with more than one concurrent
has the look and smell of a New Microsoft product to it. }

] If drug use in our society were confined to sacramental use
] of LSD by a tiny minority of people interested in religious insight, drugs
] would not pose the social issues/problems that they do. It is precisely a
] problem of non-sacramental substances.

When White Folks gather to get Tanked, it was called a 'Cocktail party'
and when the Kiddies went off to smoke Dope it was a Part of the RedKommiePlot.

Being a Wino no longer means that one is a marginalized member of
the Perifery of Society, either as a member of the RulingEastCoastEliteSnobbery
or merely someone without the disposable income to buy Hard Liquor,
Why even the Trendiest of folks have Wine Labels....

Even the Whole Koffeehaus scene has returned to provide folks the
kick they can't get from street level meth. And with it the ever
increasing threat of the InternationalKapitalistKonspirakii as one
more StarBucks crops up upon the land, and the process of clustering
them with Barnes&Nobles Books Shops and Noah's Bagelries, makes it clear
to everyone that the ZionistBankingKonspirakiiAndKosherDeli is behind
all of this Exploitation of Third World Countries.

Or perchance I missed which of the 'social issues/problems' you had
meant to allude to as being the really BAD part about 'drugs'. Yes,
once upon a time, in true agrarianism, the Grass Harvestor's Kollectives
would gather at harvest time to meet, mate and blow a little smoke. And
as such, they were the Klear Manifestations of the Evils of the Khulak
Mentality, unprepared to organize as the Soviet of Workers and Peasants
in the Marijuna Industry, and hence were Overrun by the Great Kapitalists
and their Evil International Konspirakii that has driven up the Prices
of Weed through Appropriate Governmental Supports, such as the War on Drugs.

Clearly, had they gotten up off of their collective asses, turned off the
Rock and Roll, put away the Promniscuity, and Unionized, they would not
find themselves in the straits that they currently are in. Why, there are
now MINORITIES who control whole sections of the Recreational Pharacuetical
Industry both here at home, as well as Abroad!!!

Run up the Flag of Xenophobia and Smoke ONLY American Dope!

Either that or buy into a StarBuck's Kaffehaus.

] Then rock and roll. Well, here I guess I just don't view it as a situation
] in which "today's techno-beat tribe (is) learning to love through the
] combination of MDMA, music and heavy flashing video." Most of grunge
] seems to me an angry poke in the eye of Woodstockers. In my view, such
] anger is in fact prompted by said Woodstockers' refusal to concede the
] cultural space of "youth" to the truly young, preferring to hoard it into
] post-post-post adolescence. Even Utne Reader features a series of
] articles this month on whether the 60s generation has in some fundamental
] way refused to grow up. . .

As some Wise Sage Noted, 'adolescence was a disease created to keep
nice kids from working in the coal mines.'

And with that Enforced Idleness they took up the class consciouness
of the IdleRich and embarked on useless and frivilous 'artistic'
efforts for lack of anything productive to do.

As for the 'Garage Band' thing poking a Stick in the Eye of the
WoodStockGeneration, think it through. The Puke Movement had it's
roots in Andy Warhol's Factory as a Mainforce Assault against the
Repressive Revisionism of the InternationalKapitalistExploitation
of Rockers and the creation of 'stadium rock' as the Money Making
kult that subverted the underlying notion that rock_n_roll music
was the lack of talent gathering sounds of adolescents in Heat.

By the Time 'practicing heterosexuals' became even moderately competent
they would learn about real music and move along to more adventures
antics like protracted matings, and the completely complex musical
structures that had more than 3 chords in them.

Unfortunately the Dillitorious Side Effect of protracted matings,
and the concommittant 'nesting habits' of the species is the unpleasant
problem of creating the next generation of 'practicing heterosexuals'
who will in turn find themselves barking at the Moon and trying to
get laid on ANY day of the week.

A few years back I was dragged off to see some new band formed of
the progeny of older rockers, backed up by the 'light show' supported
by old friends who had not seen the light of day since the filmore
was closed down. And had anything REALLY CHANGED? Nope, the Boys
and Girls were still using the dance floor as an Excuse to embark
upon the EvilInternationalistKapitalistExploitation process of
Mass Marketting their Sexual Potential in the prospects of engaging
in some form of Merger before DownSizing.

And worst of all, they were all dressed up in the traditional
Black Uniform of the Beat Generation...

] It always seemed to me that it was precisely the innocence made possible by
] suburban affluence (such suburban affluence in turn made possible by an
] older generation in headlong flight from poverty, ethnicity and war) that
] caused the big cognitive dissonances in the 60s. That is, it was
] precisely youth's refusal to give up its innocence that imparted the
] distinctive qualities of naivete, idealism and utopian dreaming that we
] associate with the times.
] Jeff Apfel

I in no way DOUBT that without the Rise of American Imperialism as
a part of it's Post World War II efforts to kripple Socialism, that
they created the whole 'Strategic Suburb' process as a means of
protecting the "right" people from the Threat of Roving Bands of
RedKommunist Guerrillaes and Fellow Travelors that were lose in
the land; and as such left Millions of Innocent Children unprepared
to hold up the Standards on the Bulwark of Freedom.

But on the One hand you kvetch that the 'woodstockers' are still
unwilling to abandon youth to the young, upon whom it will
merely be wasted, while at the same time holding up as the
Ideal this Grand Conglomorate of naivete and mere ignorance
collectively Iconized and Diefied as 'the sixties'.

Forgive me the lack of having had such a time in my life where
I could So Blithely squander the days being ever So Hip, having
come of age in the midst of the Terrorist Bombings of the Efforts
to Liberate the World from the Threat of the International Kapitalist
Konspirakii. Coupled again with the Absolute TERROR that we had complete
LUNATICS in the white house with nuclear release authority still
confused as to whether or not to kontinue the Kennedy Legacy and
run on the 'missile gap' plank; inspite of the actual intelligence.

It is down here in the trenches where some of us Missed out on that
whole 'hippie' thing, and found solance in the Beats who had a clearer
understanding of how close to HELL we really were.

Some folks MISSED the 'funeral march' for the 'summer of love' up in
the Haight Ashbury District, and were still buying into the whole
MassMediaMarkettedImagry of the CuteHippieChic 'free loving' thing;
while others of us were carrying our medic's bags and working out of
underground clinics, knowing full well that to turn a dope user over
to the 'lawful authorities' in some countries was a Statistical
Death Warrent, since so few westerners would survive the minimal sentancing.

So we learned our Internal Medicine the Old Fashion Way,
by figuring out what kept folks alive.

You will, therefore, forgive me when I giggle at the notions of
"cognitive dissonances in the 60's" - as the Romatic Ideals were
flushed down the Toilet, right before the Narcs kicked in the
Door, or some child found out that in Happy Junta Land, the sun
may be fun, but there are some Down Sides to spouting off the
sort of Jeffersonian Rhetoric that their Sunday School Vision of
Democracy had told them "we" were all supporting.

I guess maybe it was listening to 'underground rock' on
FCC Licensed Commercial Radio Stations that suggested
these folks were short of A Clue by a few letters.

And as I like to tell folks, when I came back to the world,
I found a home in the Gay Community, since those folks
understood what 'covert operations' were all about.


ps: and yes, when I went to RockyHorrorPictureShow, I would
dress up like Brad, and wonder what it must have been like....

"rose Tint My world, Keep me safe from the trouble and pain...."