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John Baky (
Fri, 10 May 1996 14:56:53 -0400

Jeff's observation as excerpted below is, of course, the primary source of
ambiguity that places the experience of the vietnam war into such
impossible contexts for purposes of discussion. It is this phenomenal
chimera that continues to fascinate and confound those who attempt to draw
conclusions based on truths and vice versa. But by the same token, the
"dissonance" alluded to is also the property that most freightens some
people into pulling tight the cloak of their own memories as their
justification for denial without ever realizing that that very property of
memory is so riddled through with the property of imagination as to make
it nearly worthless in some regards. Seeing the observation applied to
the larger cultural beast of the sixties rather than a single event like
the war is encouraging. Jeff's exact point, I believe.

>So different from each other(and in some instances so different from my own
>perceptions) that it makes
>you wonder how people living through the same times in the same world can
>end up in such disparate places. And this very dissonance is healthy as
>it causes one to reexamine one's own views, too.

>Jeff Apfel

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