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Elizabeth Gips (
Mon, 6 May 1996 11:12:44 -0400

In order to finish a book I've been working on based on letters, a diary,
newspaper clippings etc. from Stephen Gaskin's Caravan, I am going to
unsubscribe to the newsgroup for a few months.

However, I want any teachers to know that I sometimes lead a teaching event
I call The Haight Ashbury Experience. During the course of at least two
hours, depending on the people involved discussion has increased to time to
as long as four hours) I lead people in mini-versions of many of the
Haight Ashbury experiences. We meditate a little, aum some, dance (in
place) to the Dead some, listen to the voices of some of the Summer of Love
spiritual teachers and the sounds of Haight Street itself, do the Hare
Krishna mantra etc. Best of all we discuss what the heart of the Haight
Ashbury really was and in what ways it has and has not influenced our
society. Recommended, but not a necessity, is reading my book, The
SCrapbook of a Haight Ashbury Pilgrim.

I offer to fly, or drive, to any university or college assuming that
expenses and an honorarium will be covered. The reasons for doing this are
complex but I feel it is very important to convey a smidgin of that seminal
experience to young people. As I am 74, time is ticking away on the one
hand, on the other my age itself combined with a certain charisma after
many years on the air is itself informational.

If anyone is interested you can (1) check my home page listed in the
signature, (2) call me at 408-423-9687 or (3) email me at

Finally, let me add that I cannot understand the bickering, if that's what
it is, about what facet of the 60's or any other time was most significant.
They are all totally interdependant, of course. The Vietnam War, the
Civil Rights Movement, the thread of the Beatnik era leading to the
psychedelic revolution, the enormous burst of creativity in both political,
spiritual and artistic endeavors are not distinct entities, but interwoven.

I'll be back when I finish the book. Hope to hear from some of you. In
the meantime, good growing and best wishes for much new understanding from
Elizabeth Gips.

"The kingdom of the Father is spread upon the Earth but men do not see it."
Jesus of Nazareth in the Gospel of Thomas/ Nag Hammadi Library
Elizabeth Gips
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