Comment on some recent postings
Tue, 30 Apr 1996 15:38:08 -0400

This is just a comment on some recent postings.

I've noticed that some posts critical of certain aspects of the sixties (or
emphasizing issues like drugs) have been met with negative responses. Some of
that negativity is warranted--for example, when broad and vague statements of
opinion are presented as fact. There are a lot of intelligent and critical
folks in this group, and it is to be expected that such postings will be
criticized, especially if they challenge one's beliefs and take a different
point of view.

But I've also noticed a few postings which seem to claim a sort of copyright to
the sixties--i.e., "how can you 1.) be critical or 2.)overemphasize things like
drugs and hedonism when we were all working sincerely for social justice and
I've been doing so continuously since", that sort of thing. I find these kinds
of responses harder to deal with.

Not that I question the sincerity of the writers or their commitment. But it
seems to me that this group is about "the sixties" and should be open to lots of
different perceptions. I suspect that persons predominantly interested in the
social justice aspects of the sixties may be a tad overrepresented on this list
compared with those whose lives were shaped by the era in other ways. There
ought to be room for lots of different perceptions, recollections and inquiries
without imposing social justice as a screening device for the era.

Jeff Apfel