Stuck in the 60s without drugs

Stu Shiffman and Andi Shechter (
Mon, 29 Apr 1996 19:37:44 -0400


Thanks for this post. I have been increasingly bothered by the number of
inquiries to the list by students all of whom seem to want to talk about
the drugs we all took. The image students are getting is worrisome.I
thought I was the only person getting irritated at the overwhelming focus
on drugs that appear in the requests we have seen here. The fact that our
serious struggles are not what's getting the focus is terrible. It bothers
me that young women don't see any connection with feminism in their lives;
it bothers me equally that those of us "stuck" in the sixties are seen as
druggies. It seems that our times were perceived as self-indulgent, when
in fact, for a lot of us, they were hard work and sacrifice and struggle
for the greater good -for those causes you cited. That they blur in
popular imagery is cause for concern. And yeah, while I won't cite
conspiracies either, I do wonder where it's coming from? Why do people
feel the need to downgrade or degrade this time in our lives? Guilt,

Stuck in the 90s,