Re: Book Recommendation
Sat, 27 Apr 1996 21:42:28 -0400


Not only did we win the Cold War--according to luminaries at the Lubbock
conference on Reassessing the Vietnam War last weekend--we also won the
Vietnam War.

William Colby, Admiral Zumwalt, General Palmer, Lou Sorley, General
Metaxis--all were there to exult in our victory. Either we won it in 72 when
the ARVN fended off the Easter Offensive; or we won it by giving the Asian
tigers time to develop their "democracies" (read economies--what
"democracies" could they be referring to? Korea? Taiwan? Singapore?); or we
won it because DRV is so destitute.

None of this was new news but it was good to hear it from the horses' mouths
since I had missed it when it was broadcast back in the 70s.

It did result in a new coinage, however. '75 was apparently a "Pyrrhic


drieux wrote:

> What I find most enjoyable, so far, especially in light of the current
> efforts to rescue stalin, is the general thesis that contrary to the
> 'revisionists' - the Cold War was not 'won' - but actually was
> 'maintained' long after it's usefulness, and hence that it really was a
> loss.