60's radicals

Fri, 26 Apr 1996 08:48:44 -0400

This discourse is obviously verging into the irrational realms of a Russ
Limbaugh informative session. Not only are we now reading a garbled version
of"Tenured Radicals", selective and badly misinformed reading of the early
years of the Bolsheviks and unjustified comparison with the SLA
needing knowledge of Lenin and Trotsky's condemnation of spontaneous
terrorism but also anecdotal evidence resting on one "case study"(?)
I think the ideological biases behind such a mailing are fairly obvious.
Perhaps others may wish to venture into the fray. Again, parallels
between a "manic depressive" who supposedly knew Angela Davis and the
Jonestown massacre are highly suspect in a mailing which should really
promote logical, informed comments.
Tony Williams