Ripping Off the Sixties

drieux H. (
Thu, 25 Apr 1996 08:15:31 -0400

] >From today's San Francisco Chronicle:
] "British designer Alexander McQueen showed sweaters emblazoned with
] photographic images of the Vietnam War at recent Fashion Week festivities
] in Manhattan. 'It gives a hard edge to the cashmere,' the designer told
] New York magazine."
] This strikes me as a spectacular example of the commercialization of images
] of the war. John Baky has a great collection ways in which images of the
] war are used to market items like hunting knives, clocks, and so forth, but
] this moves images of the war into high fashion. The irony of a war fought
] largely by working class Americans against Vietnamese peasants being used
] by a haute couture designer is pretty great.
] Renny Christopher

Although not as obviously crass, the recent Purchase of
the Rolling Stones by Bill Gates of Microsoft as a part
of their Propoganda Campaign was at best amusing. For thsoe
folks who have suffered through the various efforts to really
upgrade to windows95, there has been a clear voice that the
campaign music should have been either 'satisfaction' or
'symphony for the devil'.

As for the specific Irony of ReMarketting War as Haute QuayZine,
this should be surprising at all? Military Chic has waltzed in and
out of 'fashion' for a few years, what with the last 'rage' being
the Recycling of Soviet Military Gear.

So why shouldn't the Trendy Folks get a chance to wear 'vietnam war photos'
since their class was unable to attend the weapons testing program in
south east asia? Yes, they were more than willing to send over the media
to satisfy their voyeurism, but in the main, there were too many trendy
things to do CONUS, or on the Beaches of Mayorca, Menorca, or up on the
riviera, or the swank parts of Soho, to be able to get muddy.