Operation Dewey Canyon (2 posts)

Wed, 24 Apr 1996 11:31:34 -0400

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Subject: Re: Operation Dewey Canyon III

>Also remember our brothers, such as Geronimo Pratt and Osca Lopez-Rivera,
>who served in Vietnam and now sit in U.S. prisons aspolitical prisoners.

I hate to sound ignorant, but I am on this issue.
Who are Geronimo Pratt and Oscar Lopez-Rivera? I would really like to
know more about their stories.

Soon it will be the 25th anniversary of Mayday which totally shook up
Nixswine &co. We must remember our sisters and brothers who struggled
against the racism at home and the imperialism in Vietnam. Furthermore,
we should commemorate George Jackson, a Soledad brother who was sent up
on a $10 robbery only to have the Nixswine, Evelle Younger and Raygun
murder him at San Quentin. Since you are from Chicago, Andrew
Hoffman(son of Abbie) and others are sponsoring the 1996 Festival of
Life. They can be reached at 312-486-8085.


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