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Renny Christopher (
Tue, 23 Apr 1996 11:53:38 -0400

Wow, what a subject. I was born in 1957, which put me in that brief window
in human history when you couldn't catch anything fatal that wasn't curable
with a little penicillin--I started having an active sex life before herpes
even became a big thing. And a range of birth control devices were
available, including the pill, still fairly new then. And abortion had just
become legal. So I think I was in just the right window of opportunity,
more so than people ten years older than me.

And, oh poor younger generation, I would like to tell you, it was wonderful.

As the mother of a 23 year old daughter (no connection to the sexual
revolution--I was sexually active early enough to be her biological mother,
but I'm not) I have observed that the sexual revolution of the 60s has
almost no effect on her generation--AIDS has a much larger effect. Whereas
I had had a large number of sexual encounters by her age, sometimes with
people whose last names I didn't know, she has lived a much more
circumscribed (and she'd say saner) sexual life. I'd say more deprived,
because it's not out of choice, it's out of fear. I could have been chaste
instead of chased if I'd wanted to be, but it was safe not to be chaste.
Now it's not. I remember 1972, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, and 79 very

Renny Christopher

>Hello, sixties folk...
>My name is Elyse Freeman, and I'm a student at The College of William and
>Mary. For one of my classes -- a seminar on the 1960s -- I'm writing a
>paper on the sexual revolution. More specifically, I'm researching the
>change in sexual behavior and attitude in the '60s and the media's
>portrayal of this change. Also, I'm tracing these changes to the present
>day, in order to determine the influence of the "sexual revolution" on
>sex in the 1990's.
>I'd appreciate any information you can provide me with... personal
>responses or stories, as well as resources you think would be helpful.
>Thanks in advance for your help.
>Elyse Freeman
>The College of William and Mary
>Class of 1999