Re: Student Query: Woodstock (fwd)

bey william f (
Mon, 22 Apr 1996 23:52:18 -0400

Hello out there!
My name is Billy Bey and I am a freshman at the College of
William and Mary. I am writing a paper on the reactions of Woodstock 2.
YOu know the festival brought to us by Pepsi and MTV in 1994. I would
particularly like to here from people who attended the original
Woodstock, people who lived during the original Woodstock generation, and
especially those who attended the original festival in '69 and the
fextival in '94. Some topics to respond on would be the
commercialization of the newer Woodstock, the type of music, and simply
overall opinions of the pluses and minuses of Woodstock '94. Please
respond to me at Thanks for your time and help.
-Billy Bey