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Sun, 21 Apr 1996 23:03:08 -0400

At 10:44 PM 4/20/96 -0400, Stu Shiffman and Andi Shechter wrote:
>I know Hugh Romney (Wavy Gravy) a tiny bit from my years in Berkeley,
in fact Wavey Gravey is having a big birthday paraty for himself to raise
money for Seva - it's in Berkeley in May; I don't have the exact date now,
but I'll get it and send it out if you want me to do so. Some members of
the Dead are playing and many other people.

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specially Wave Gravy.

he runs a summer camp for grownups in Northern
California. It's called Camp Winnarainbow and
friends tell me it is great fun. Sometimes
famous musicians show up (can you say
Jorma [Hot Tuna] Koukanon?) to teach guitar

Hs is about to turn 60 and there will be a large
birthday celebration for him the first Saturday
night in May at the Berkeley Community Theatre.
Tickets are $20 or $100 for pre-show reception and
seats in front. Contact BASS here in the Bay Area to
get tickets to this event.




Hi people!

Andi brought up something that intrigues me about Wavy G; the Seva connection;
does his Seva Foundation have any connection to the non-profit Seva eatery in
Ann Arbor? Probably not, but it struck a chord!

Be Well!