Re: The Civil Rights Movement, Manifestaion or Motive (fwd)

Elizabeth Gips (
Sun, 21 Apr 1996 00:14:47 -0400

t's not really a simple matter for me to differenciate which
>were the Hippies in the Strange and Outlandish Costumes, and which were
>the really responsible folks.

The funny thing is that we Hippies in the Strange and Outlandish Costumes
thought we were the really responsible folks. We thought none else on any
side was taking a stand against the general insanities of war and politics
and intolerance, and that the only way out was to expand consciousness. We
thought we were actually fighting the battles that Vietnam was a symptom of
and that we should be honored not denigrated.
We were taking on the responsibiity for building the beginnings of what
Hakim Bey was later to name Temporary Autonomous Zones in his brilliant
book, TAZ.

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