"The Sounds of Silence" - input/reactions

bozzo michael d (mdbozz@mail.wm.edu)
Thu, 18 Apr 1996 18:36:26 -0400

Hello out there!
My name is Mike, and I am doing a paper for my seminar on the
1960's. I would appreciate any help you can give me.
My topic is the Simon and Garfunkel song "The Sound of Silence",
and its effect on the movie "The Graduate", starring Dustin Hoffman
and Anne Bancroft. I'm trying to develop a very literal
interpretaion of the song, in an effort to discover its larger
meaning. I'd be interested to know any personal interpretations or
theories that are floating around out there. Please tell me your
reactions and thoughts on the song and, if you feel like it, the
movie. Also, tell me your thoughts on the relevance and/or
importance of the song in the movie. Any help is much
appreciated!!!!! Thanks!
Michael Bozzo