Re: vietnam/civil rights (fwd)

drieux H. (
Thu, 18 Apr 1996 18:29:02 -0400

] What, exactly, was the "mistake?" In what way was what the United States
] trying to do in South Vietnam from 1954 on any different from what it has done
] before and since in places like Guatemala, El Salvador, etc? Or is a
] fundamental design of American foreign policy a "mistake?" And, if so, do you
] really think our policy planners since the early 1940s are that consistently
] stupid? I would suggest that there is a fundamental contradiction between the
] "stable" world you call for --at least as this is translated through the
] imperatives of American foreign policy, during and after the Cold war-- and
] the democratic empowerment of the masses of 3rd world peoples. Putting it
] differently, the need to create a "good business climate" in the 3rd world
] (cf. Mexico today) MEANS the needs and drives of the indigenous mass of
] impoverished people MUST be deflected, diverted, suppressed, and if necessary,
] crushed.
] Ted Morgan

talk about 'welcome to the sixties' - but isn't this sort of one of
the key themes of the ongoing debate ever since Saint Jack stood upon
the Rostrum and called Forth the Great American Cultural Revolution that
would 'pay any price, and bear any burden'???

Suddenly america would find itself awash with both Governmentally Supported,
as well as Privately Funded onslaughts of RedGuardCadre going forth to
preach the Gospel, both at home and abroad? We would have OEO, VISTA,
and the Peace Corp, trying to undermine the God Given Rights of Mine
Owners and Big City Party Bosses. I think the OEO was a Known RedKommunist
Terrorist Front, since there was all that complaining about how it was
meddling in the American Way of Life, by supporting things like head start
and day care centers, and other Subversive Activities. But that would make
Saint Jack, just one more American RedKommieRatBastardPaidAgentOfMoskva.

LBJ would likewise find himself at odds, from time to time, with his
Military Advisors in Vietnam, on the matter of winning 'the other war'
with all of it's 'civic action' operations.... And as Lt. Col. Corson
would detail in his book 'betrayal' - american marines involved in
the CAP program in south vietnam would at times find themselves obliged
to use force against the Agents of the GVN to protect their Hamlets from
corrupt tax officials.

We'll skip over the Kulturkampf of the Peace Corp, since everyone
knows that the effort to bring literacy and fresh water to 3rd world
countries was all a KommiePlot to undermine the RulingElite abroad,
so that the Multinational Korporations would be able to openly plunder
those countries of their Raw Material at bargin basement prices.


This Might help explain why it's not always easy to remember who the
RedKommunistRatBastards were, and who were the Really Nice KapitalistRoaders,
or was that suppose to be the other way around.