Anti-communism references needed (multiple posts)
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Subject: Re: Need reference (anti-communism)

Masters of Deceit, was one of his books about communism, probably the
best known. I don't recall any others by him.
- Steve Denney

On Mon, 15 Apr 1996, Nina Daneshvar wrote:

> When I was doing some research on the FBI, I came across three books that
> were written by J. Edgar Hoover about the inherent evils of communism.
> The language was very intense, and I doubt you would be able to find more
> powerful anti-communistic sentiments that the ones Hoover offers. I
> don't recall the titles of the books, but if you can't find them, I can
> go back to the library and look them up for you. I hope this is useful.
> Regards,
> Nina Daneshvar
> Department of Political Science
> University of California, Irvine

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Subject: Re: anticommunism

I don't know whether this holds true for American students, but when using
writings of J. Edgar Hoover in a class on anticommunism here in France,
students said, in essence, "Gosh, if that's what communism is about, Hoover
was right!" The colleague teaching the class decided to have students read
the Communist Manifesto and other classic texts of Marxism to counter this

Judith Ezekiel

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Subject: Re: Need reference (anti-communism)

One of them is _Masters of Deceit_. It was ghost-written for Hoover.

Naturally, not a single word should be accepted as truth!

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Subject: Re: Need reference (anti-communism)

The anti-Communism books by Hoover referred to by Nina Daneshvar

"The Story of Communism in America and How to Fight It" (actually
written by the Crime Records Division) 1958

"A Study in Communism"

"Communism: 1969"

I have not (and WILL not) read any of them. I found the titles in
William Turner's book "Hoover's FBI".

-Phyl Newbeck
Jericho, VT