Re: Antiwar Movement & Civil Rights Movement
Tue, 16 Apr 1996 14:39:11 -0400

I have found disturbing this posing of the civil rights vs. antiwar movement
as "the basis" of the Movement. Among the more obvious reasons is that this
ignores the impact, on MANY participants and whether or not specifically
stated at the time, of such issues as the continuous threat of nuclear
annihilation (in effect, a major "point of oppression" for some of us
somewhat sheltered from certain other such points), and the psychological
oppressions/self-doubts/struggles visited on anyone (esp. but hardly only
women) not conforming to standard-package during the Cold War period up to
that time. These, among others, also formed "bases". That the example and
commitment and the rhetoric, style, and participatory democracy of the civil
rights movement was crucial, however, for the early anti Vietnam War
developments is, I think, unquestionable.
Paula Friedman