Re: Reading on the red menace
Tue, 16 Apr 1996 14:37:45 -0400

While collecting books on the red menace, does anyone remember Phillip
Wylie's Tomorrow! ? Also, can anyone tell me the name of the comic book
(probably ca. 1950) that showed a Russian nuclear attack on a US that had let
its guard down, and showed NY in flames with bridges collapsing and animals
escaping from the zoo? (Of course the general or whatever who'd warned all
along etc. subsequently bombed them back to the Stone Age/"we won"/etc.) -
Or, shortly thereafter, a pamphlet, I believe probably by what were
(derogatively) called "one worlders", that provided four althernative
scenarios to the arms race - one of nuclear war, one of totalitarian world
government, one (I forget), and one of people communicating communally
worldwide and at peace?...I remember this latter was like an enormous ray of
hope to me, a frightened kid in a target city (cf. Phillip K. Dick's "Foster,
You,re Dead", re bomb shelters and such).
Paula Friedman