Re: Need reference (anti-communism)

Tue, 16 Apr 1996 14:33:55 -0400

Re. The "Hoover" books. They may not have been written by Hoover himself but
"ghosted" by F.B.I. agents in his employment. This is one of the many
significant facts unearthed by LARRY COHEN in his well-researched THE
PRIVATE FILES OF J.EDGAR HOOVER (1977). This information occurs in the
voice-over narration by disillusioned agent Dwight Webb (Rip Torn) whom
Cohen never presents as a Kevin Costner hero who will eventually fix the
system in the climax.
Furthermore, Cohen's depiction of the Hoover/Tolsen relationship is much
more complex than the cheap shots taken by Oliver Stone in NIXON. Sadly,
Cohen's deliberate use of comic-strip visual style often detracts viewers
from the merits of this interesting, but usually neglected, film.
Tony Williams