Re: Civil Rights Movement

Thu, 11 Apr 1996 14:58:32 -0400

Re: Why so little on civil rights:

The sixties contained several cohorts of people for whom different
national events were their defining moment. While there is probly a new
generation ever y two years, the great divide was between the early
sixties and late sixties. Those becoming active early were primarily
motivatedby the civil rights movemen t, and those who came of age (or
joined late) later did so primarily in resonse to the Vietnam War. the
Sixties-list is heavily populated by the latter, which is why you see so
few references to the CRM. Personaly, I am early sixties, an d the CRM as
very important to me. But most posts are in response to earlier posts
(e.g. this one) which exagerates the effect of the larger population. For
there to be more on the CRM (which I would like to see) either more early
sixti es people must join the list or those who are on it will have to be
disprportio nately vocal.

Jo Freeman