Re: Readers

Thu, 11 Apr 1996 14:48:54 -0400

Richard Sobel asks:
>This week we discussed the Sixties in a course on 20th C. America, relying
>on Bloom and Breines' Taking it to the Streets. What have others' experience
>been with the book. Are there other collections to consider? The students
>liked the readings--interesting and short--some even read selections that
>weren't required! RS

I have been using Bloom & Breines this semester and think it works VERY well
with my course on the 60s, especially drawing students into more personal
connection with autobiographical & experiential aspects of 60s movements. I
use it selectively, but the choice of pieces is, I find, very good for
conveying the feel of being inside various movements AND a solid critique of
the institutions encountered (racism, university education, Vietnam war,
sexism, etc.) So, for both reasons, it fits my course well. Agree on student
reactions (so far anyway). For its breadth of material, I like it better than
Albert & Albert or Gerald Howard. I need to supplement more on Vietnam
(different perspectives on the war...) and of course there are a few favorite
essays I wish were in it (e.g., Oglesby's Notes on a Decade Ready for the Trash
Bin; Zinn, Marxism & New Left; Chomsky on Vietnam)... But I recommend it very
highly to those who haven't used or seen it.

Ted Morgan