Gregg Casad's question

Archie Loss (
Wed, 10 Apr 1996 13:49:39 -0400

>From: Archie Loss <>
>In response to Cadet Casad's question, I'm tempted to say you should ask
for three pages single spaced. But-if you want to proceed as assigned--you
might also mention that the youth culture of the sixties was blessed with
more leisure time for revolution than the youth culture of the nineties--not
to mention a disposition toward change that nineties youth (of whatever
persuasion) seems not to share to the same degree. What I mean is that
(unless memory is playing tricks) there was more time to think in the
sixties about those issues that are most important and there were fewer
college students working twenty and thirty hours a week to pay for school.
Revolution depends upon a certain amount of leisure time--and even then it
doesn't always happen.

Good luck with the paper!
Archie Loss <>