Summer tours to Vietnam (2 posts)
Tue, 9 Apr 1996 13:29:52 -0400

Subject: Re: Summer 96 Tours to Vietnam

My colleague Jerry Landman (317-289-3977) is running two tours this summer.
A teacher and vet, he led the tour I went on in May 1994. It was superb.
He may or may not be full for the summer.

Tony Edmonds
Ball State University

Sender: Elizabeth Manny <>
Subject: Travel to Vietnam

Travel Dynamics in New York City does educational trips to Vietnam.

I have travelled with them to the People's Republic. While I did not
like their NYC office staff, I thought our American leader was very
good. We had many different Chinese guides.

Travel Dynamics puts together educational tours for Harvard and other
universities. I would call them (they have an 800 number) to see if they
have any trips to Vietnam that you could join.

Elizabeth Manny