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Tue, 9 Apr 1996 13:27:02 -0400

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I remember melanie only too well. It seems to me in retrospect that she
was harbinger of the seventies. Unlike James Taylor who the first time I
heard his I knew the Sixties was over.

Dick Crepeau
University of Central Florida
Orlando, FL
Where the sixties may never have happened at all.

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Subject: melanie

Melanie was very much a 60s icon, a long-haired female singer with hippie
dress who sang as if she had laryngitis. Seriously, it added to her appeal.
But tracing what happened to her is really important.
Ten years ago in Manchester, England, Donovan (who appeared in Britain's
answer to Woodstock - the Isle of Wight Festival - which had more people
attending) made a brief comeback. If the Sex Pistols are going to reform,
surely somebody could persuade Melanie to make a comeback - assuming she is
alive and well which we all hope.
In view of this list's interest in 60s phenomena some material on Melanie and
whether she had any associations with the anti-war movement (like Country Joe)
would be really welcome.
Tony Williams
P.S. I still have at least one Melanie L.P. and that purchased in Britain!

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Subject: Re: melanie

thelen brett a wrote:
> i was curious if anyone remembers melanie, the somewhat obscure folk rock
> singer whose only claim to fame that i am aware of is that she performed at
> the original woodstock? (she sang "beautiful people"...) most of her
> recordings are covers (a lot of dylan, of course), but i have one tape
> that i think is original. aside from my own personal interest in hearing
> others' impressions of her, i'm thinking of writing a paper about her
> music as a reflection of the times. does anybody know where i can find
> information about her, or just have anything to share in general?
> brett amy thelen

She sang a song about a roller skate key, didn't she? That was a pretty
popular hit if I remember right.

Paul Turner

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At 6:48 PM 4/8/96 -0400, thelen brett a wrote:
>i was curious if anyone remembers melanie,

I have records of Melanie that I still play on the air!

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