New book on '60s nationalism

Sandra Hollin Flowers (flowers_s@Mercer.EDU)
Fri, 29 Mar 1996 22:53:43 -0500

Sixties Cohorts:

Garland Publishers has just released the first book in its new
series on American popular history and culture. The title is AFRICAN
0-8153-2474-X) and the author is yours truly. The price is prohibitive
for individuals (anyway, I think so at $55!), but Garland's market is
research libraries, not private buyers.

In addition to letting you know of the book's availability, I am
writing to ask two things of the list:

1) Please ask your libraries to order the book. What is unique
about it as a study is its focus on cultural and revolutionary
nationalism and its relating these variants to poetry, fiction, and drama
written (for the most part) in support of the variants.

2) Would you recommend some journals that might be willing to
review the book? I believe Kali will be doing so at the site. My editor is
sending her a copy and will also send copies to five or six journals that
might print reviews. I will give him some suggestions, but would like your
insight on ones I might not think of.

I'd also welcome your critiques of the book. I haven't had a
chance to talk about it widely, but I've already begun planning an
expanded version for commercial release and it would be helpful to
know what others think would increase its usefulness.


Sandra in Maconga

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