Re: Q: Zapruder--when did it come to light?
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Subject: Re: Q: Zapruder--when did it come to light?

Human memory is a frail thing, and it's only part of teh stuff of what we
call "history," but my memory is that we heard the name "Zapruder" almost
from minute one of the coverage of teh assassination. Constant references
to the "Zapruder film" hit the news fairly quickly--how long did it
take to get super-8 or whatever kind of film it was developed in those
days? It might be useful to check daily newspapers, or possibly even news
broadcasts, on this one.

Barbara L. Tischler


Date: Fri, 22 Mar 1996 14:27:03 GMT-5
Subject: zappruder film


i am at work and don't have my books but this is pretty close to actual

zapruder takes film to authorities on night of assassination. copies are
made for secret service, fbi, cia, zapruder, and (perhaps) h.l. hunt. dan
rather, who was workin g as a newsman for CBS in Dallas at the time, is
one of few outside of law enformcement to see the film, and reprots to
viewers that the president's head goes forward at the time fo the fatal
head shot (which is in directo oppositoin as to what the film shows. (his
head does move forward infinitesimally prior to being sent violently
backward in frame 313) rather views the film at some point during the
assassination weekend.

ultimately zapruder sells the rights to the film to Life, which prints
certain frames out of order to make it look like Kennedy's head goes
forward. the error is pointed out and the magazine is reprinted with the
correct order. something along these lines happens with the warren report
too (at hoover's instigation) again the error is corrected.

jim garrison supboenas the film and shows it during the clay shaw trial in
the late 60s.

the film (a computer enahanced copy) is first shown to the American public
in the mid-70s by Geraldo Rivera and helps lead to congress reopening the
case (although we all know the sad result of that futile exercise).

at some point in the 80s i think the zapruders bought the rights back from
life so that people could see it.

basically, then, until the 80s people had seen still pictures of
individual frames and knew of the film's existence but except for those
who saw bootleg copies or were in garrison's courtroom hadn't seen it.

also you should know that the film as it exists today has been damaged and
is missing about 10.5 frames, basically around the time kennedy disappears
behind the highway sign. you can easily see the splice lines when looking
at the film.

there are some good assassination websites. you can link to them through
Fair Play.

hope this is of some help.

marty blank



Date: Fri, 22 Mar 1996 15:40:43 -0500 (EST)
From: Natalie Weiser <>
Subject: Re: Q: Zapruder--when did it come to light?

Ben :

The Zapruder film is known as such because of Mr. Zapruder who shot the
film of the Kennedy assassination. It was seized by the FBI once they
realized what the content was. Ever since then it has been regarded as one
of the main evidences for the murder investigation.

Hope that helps,

Natalie Weiser
On Fri, 22 Mar 1996



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Subject: Re: Q: Zapruder--when did it come to light?

I can't answer your question, but one tape in the A&E network's series on
the assassination devotes a good deal of time to the film. They probably
mention the date it surfaced.

Sandra in Maconga

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Subject: Re: Q: Zapruder--when did it come to light?

I think CBS had the Zapruder film in their possession almost immediately, but
couldn't use it. Don't know if this preceded Ruby.
Ted Morgan